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More must-see TV in 2019

Buffy the vaM­pire sLayer new! Don’t panic! Or panic. What­ever, it’s up to you. This re­boot, made with Joss Whe­don’s bless­ing and a black Slayer, could ei­ther slay or be nay.

shad­oWhunters sea­son 3 The sec­ond half of the show’s third sea­son will con­tain 12 new episodes and will give the fans a chance to say good­bye: the show was axed for bud­get reasons.

the feed new! Vir­gin’s first TV se­ries is set in the UK, has a stel­lar cast (David Thewlis! Michelle Fair­ley!) and looks at brain im­plants that go wrong.

years and years new! Could be a real corker, this one: a Rus­sell T Davies BBC drama fo­cus­ing on a Manch­ester fam­ily from now and into the fu­ture, where things all go a bit screwy.

v-Wars new! Ian Somer­halder swaps vam­pires for, er, well, more vam­pires in the story of a dis­ease un­leashed by melt­ing ice that turns hu­mans into hun­gry preda­tors.

Jes­sica Jones sea­son 3 With other MCU se­ries fall­ing by the way­side, it’s a re­lief to see Jes­sica back for a third year of, well... a lot of mis­ery and de­pres­sion, frankly.

the hand­Maid’s taLe sea­son 3 TV’s most po­lit­i­cally charged show con­tin­ues its mis­sion to trau­ma­tise ev­ery per­son who’s ever watched it for more than two min­utes. Still bril­liant, though.

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