mary Wise­man’s mo­tor-mouthed en­sign has a new hero…

SFX - - Star trek: discovery -

What does tilly think of cap­tain Pike?

She’s pretty im­pressed by him. I think Tilly’s some­one who’s deeply hun­gry for a men­tor at all times – just col­lects peo­ple to look up to, and strong-arms them into teach­ing and guid­ing her. And he’s kind of a su­per­star; he’s a well-known, well­re­spected cap­tain. She’s very ex­cited to serve un­der him, and is a lit­tle flus­tered when she has to talk to him.

How did it feel to be the first per­son to say “fuck” on Star Trek?

I swear to all that is holy, I didn’t even clock it! I didn’t think twice, be­cause I curse with rel­ish every day – it’s a very in­te­grated part of my vo­cab­u­lary. So when we did it I had no idea that it’d be such a big deal, but of course it was. I’m de­lighted to be a part of his­tory. I’m proud! My par­ents are proud!

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