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What’s the most com­pelling as­pect of this se­ries for you?

All of our plot­lines are based on ac­tual re­ports. It’s a very in­ter­est­ing an­gle to be com­ing from, in what’s seen as a pop­u­lar en­ter­tain­ment sci-fi genre, to be say­ing “this stuff hap­pened.” or, at least these peo­ple very con­vinc­ingly told us what hap­pened to them.

What’s the most in­ter­est­ing thing that’s come out of div­ing back into these cases?

What’s re­ally in­ter­est­ing to an au­di­ence, and to Hynek and to me, is if Betty and Bar­ney Hill say they were ab­ducted by aliens and they’re stick­ing to the story for years, if it didn’t hap­pen, why are they do­ing this? What’s be­hind it? there are ques­tions that go beyond just sci-fi, or beyond this plot. What makes peo­ple make things up if they’re mak­ing it up? so it’s about the peo­ple as much as it’s about the events.

In your re­search about Dr Hynek, what did you learn about his ac­tual be­liefs?

I think cer­tainly start­ing out, Hynek thought that the idea of an ac­tual phys­i­cal craft com­ing from some­where else was pretty un­likely. But he did have these other be­liefs. And es­pe­cially when he was younger, he was read­ing a lot of Ru­dolf steiner and had an in­ter­est in the Rosi­cru­cians, and the idea that there are other di­men­sions, or that there’s a veil be­tween this world and some­thing else. And I know this seems pretty far­fetched, but is it im­pos­si­ble? I don’t know.

Have you ever seen any­thing weird in the sky your­self?

Yeah. I mean it could have been just a he­li­copter, but I don’t think it was. Look, I’m of the age where one of the first films I saw in the cinema was Close En­coun­ters Of The Third Kind which, apart from mak­ing me very in­ter­ested in this sub­ject, in­stilled a love of cinema. Full stop. Af­ter I’d seen that three or four times in the cinema, I was watch­ing the sky con­stantly. Tara Ben­nett

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