SFX - - The passage - Tara Ben­nett Saniyya Sid­ney is Amy

From the start your char­ac­ter, Amy, and De­tec­tive Wol­gast (Mark-Paul Gos­se­laar) spend a lot of screen time to­gether on the road. yes, we had to bond, and plus, I had to con­nect to Amy. So, when I con­nected to Amy, I con­nected to Wol­gast, and then I con­nected to Mark-Paul. So, when­ever we were on cam­era, or off cam­era, it was al­ways some­thing spe­cial. What’s your friend­ship like? It was loud. It was jokes. It was some­times se­ri­ous, cry­ing, or I just needed some­one to hold. Amy’s sit­u­a­tion is pretty dire. Are you able to shake that heav­i­ness off? When­ever I go to work, I al­ways want to have fun. you don’t al­ways want to go, “Ugh. I’m on set. I’m go­ing to be fo­cused. Just leave me alone. I’m in my zone.” (Laughs) Did you know that Mark-Paul was also a child ac­tor like you? Did he give you ad­vice about his early days in the busi­ness? yes, I did get words of wis­dom. I’m ac­tu­ally watch­ing Saved By the Bell right now. What was the ad­vice? Just be a kid, have fun and en­joy your work. He taught me you gotta have a laugh at times. When we’re do­ing a scene, it’s awe­some to be able to see him in the mo­ment. I learn off of that, and I’m like, “Oh. I’ve never tried this be­fore. Let me see how this goes.” And then when I act and I’m with him, it feels won­der­ful. Just be­ing able to play a girl that re­ally needs some­one… it’s re­ally what­ever Amy’s go­ing through, I’m go­ing through. So, I need Mark-Paul al­ways.

Caro­line Chikezie plays Project Noah leader Dr Sykes. Saniyya Sid­ney with Mark-Paul Gos­se­laar, who plays Wol­gast.

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