Writer/director James Gunn is the man with the plan


What was it about the Peacemaker character that you thought made him series-worthy?

I thought he was just a really cool, interestin­g character that could be pertinent to today and today’s world, in terms of his backwards way of looking at things. A lot of the show is about his friendship with these other characters, especially Danielle’s character Leota Adebayo, and their friendship that emerges out of all of this – even though they very much represent very different parts of America today.

In terms of how he evolves in this show, is Chris redeemable?

Peacemaker has a lot to learn, and it wouldn’t take just one season of TV for him to learn that. But it is that ability to learn that he does have, I believe, as a character. And it’s that ability to learn that, for me, makes him a little bit more likeable. His blind spots are pretty terrible, and then some places are just him being ignorant. I think that’s an important distinctio­n to make as well. He is open at the same time, sometimes, but we get to see that journey. It’s just very, very basic. Peacemaker is almost every guy that I grew up with in Missouri. He isn’t that much different from a lot of people I know. As terrible as he is at times, he’s also kind of common. And I think that telling that story for a guy like that, with those blind spots, is important because everybody on TV is either totally good and totally perfect, or they’re evil, oftentimes. Obviously, there’s a lot of great shows that aren’t like that. But I think that it’s fun to make a superhero, or supervilla­in, or whatever you want to think of him as, that has a lot of nuances.

Tell us about your soundtrack choices.

This was the soundtrack I was probably the most excited to create since the Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack. And it really is all hair metal. It’s a lot of ’80s hair metal, but it’s also a lot of modern sleaze rock and hair metal that comes out of Europe. And a lot of really great bands that people don’t know about. I love that stuff! But there’s also a lot of really bad hair metal, so it was fun finding the really good stuff to inject the series with its flavour.

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