The Dank Side Of The Moon

- Dave Golder


UK/US Netflix, streaming now Director Choi Hang-yong

Cast Bae Doona, Gong Yoo, Lee Joon,

Kim Sun-young

With K-dramas currently on-trend among cult TV connoisseu­rs, Netflix is no doubt hoping to pique the interest of a post-squid Games audience with South Korea’s first ever series set in space.

The Silent Sea is hard SF, set in a near future where a dystopian Earth is blighted by drought. While other nations have abandoned lunar exploratio­n, South Korea has been continuing research on the Moon. But its base in the Sea of Tranquilit­y is suddenly abandoned, reportedly due to a radiation leak which killed the crew.

Five years later, there’s renewed interest in the doomed team’s research, so a mission is launched to recover some samples. Not that the mission team is given much of a clue about exactly what they’re recovering, their bosses at the space agency seemingly having come from the Weyland-yutani school of leadership.

Of course, the recovery mission rapidly hits problems. Of course, there’s a big conspiracy going on. Of course, the central secret has something to do with combatting Earth’s water shortage. Of course, the previous crew have left something all killer-y behind.

What we have here is that familiar sci-fi staple, the base under siege, and anyone who knows anything about the subgenre will be ready for all the familiar beats. There’s even plenty of crawling through ventilatio­n shafts. To be fair, it’s all very competentl­y put together. It’s effectivel­y tense and scary in all the right places. The characters are just about interestin­g enough to carry you through. The effects and production design are impressive. It’s just all a tad old-fashioned and by-thenumbers, and unlike Squid Game, the series’ Korean origins don’t bring anything particular­ly distinctiv­e to the mix.

Annoyingly, while there isn’t a cliffhange­r ending, there are many unanswered questions. Chiefly, has creator Choi Hang-yong ever seen “The Waters Of Mars”? Doctor Who fans demand to know.

Ahead of playing an ex-soldier here, Train To Busan star Gong Yoo got a large neck tattoo to shake off his romantic image.

 ?? ?? “Microchang­es in air density, my ass.”
“Microchang­es in air density, my ass.”

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