UPLOAD Season Two

Afterlife’s a glitch

- Dave Golder

Welcome back to Lake View, the VR version of The Good Place which is slowly – and glitchily – becoming more like The Bad Place.

Season two of Greg Daniels’s sitcom about a digital afterlife (for those who can afford it) opens with Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), a computer programmer who died under mysterious circumstan­ces, downgraded so that he’s only “alive” for two gigs worth of data a month before they freeze him.

His overbearin­g girlfriend appears to have died for him, as she’s appeared in Lake View, too. His handler, Nora (the Lake View employee who, in season one, was his link to the “real” world… and his new love interest) has abandoned him for a cult of anti-vr-afterlife terrorists. But perhaps worst of all is a bizarre new afterlife trend for seriously freaky virtual babies.

It’s a great set-up, but all too soon it becomes clear that the delightful­ly insane inventiven­ess of the first season has given way to a more plot-driven second season, as if Daniels and his team have already powered through all their best ideas.

Whereas The Good Place cleverly changed focus every season to generate fresh comedic opportunit­ies, Upload season two feels like more of the same. And the main new element, the terrorists, turn out to be one of the least interestin­g parts of the show.

It’s still an enjoyable watch, with some very funny moments, wonderfull­y bizarre images and engaging characters. Season two simply had a lot to live up to, and it doesn’t quite succeed.

Greg Daniels has it written into his contract that if Amazon cancels the show he can finish the story as a graphic novel.

There’s a bizarre new afterlife trend for seriously freaky virtual babies

 ?? ?? Nathan and Nora get to meet Richard Osman.
Nathan and Nora get to meet Richard Osman.
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