Ruby Cruz is Kit and Dempsey Bryk is Airk


The big question… We know Kit and Airk are Sorsha’s kids. Is Madmartiga­n their dad? Dempsey Bryk:

I don’t know if we can say but we’re on the spot… I’ll tell you. It’s their kids.

What’s the relationsh­ip like between the two twins? Bryk:

I think that there’s always a sibling rivalry, but then also a profound closeness in a crazy world. Everybody wants something from them, so much is expected of them and the only person they can really connect with is each other.

Ruby Cruz: Aside from Kit’s best friend, Jade, he’s definitely the closest person she has, and has been her rock through a lot of growing up. Obviously they’re teenagers and that’s an interestin­g, difficult time for young people, but also, I think as royalty there are responsibi­lities. Kit sort of feels that responsibi­lity heavy on her shoulders, whereas Eric is more of a loose cannon.

You were all put through a rigorous boot camp before shooting. What was that like? Bryk:

It was phenomenal and a dream come true. We were horseback riding and swordfight­ing in Wales – it was absolutely crazy. For as long as I can remember, I had a dream of doing my own stunts. I’m really proud of the action and so much of it was practical, which was in keeping with the original movie.

Cruz: I think it definitely woke something up in me, this idea that it was really rewarding to put all of yourself into something and just express yourself with your body. Physicalis­ing like that was really cool.

We heard that it was also a very wet shoot? Cruz:

Yeah, confirmed. I mean, it’s Wales, it’s very rainy there, and sometimes it wouldn’t be rainy enough. They would bring in rain machines, so even on a sunny day, it was too sunny. It’s never going to be rainy enough for Willow.

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