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Ian Salsbury, email What a joy the final episode of Chibnall and Whittaker’s Doctor Who was. A love letter to the show with some delightful nods to the past, wrapped up in a deliciousl­y barmy plot. It was with heavy heart that I trundled over to the various forums and social media groups, expecting the usual naysayers and grouches… but no! What was this? A Chibnall episode that was getting universal praise? Almost everyone seemed to love it! Could this be a first?! After picking up SFX 359 however, it would appear not. What a miserable, misjudged review, and one that seems so at odds with the masses. I haven’t been a huge fan of this era, but I’m glad that, for most of us, Whittaker and Chibnall went out on a high.

SFX: Miserable and misjudged? No, just an honest reflection of personal opinion, like every SFX review. Happy to hear “The Power Of The Doctor” landed for you and obviously many others. Now where’s that Doctorholi­cs Anonymous spin-off series…


Quintin Bynoe-ogle, email In the November 2022 Halloween issue, reader Rob Graham wrote that Halo on Paramount+ “might be the best videogame adaptation of all time”. I respectful­ly beg to differ. When looking at the translatio­n of the experience of playing the game into the experience of seeing the movie, the most faithful game-to-movie adaptation might be 2014’s Need For Speed. The standard plot of “wrongly accused hero proves his innocence” and the supporting characters were secondary to the real stars, the cars and the racing scenes, just as in the games. Yes, the Fast And Furious series is the go-to for racing films, but Need For Speed did it without jumping over the line and going tongue-in-cheek.

 ?? ?? It’s time for Richard Osman’s guest appearance.
It’s time for Richard Osman’s guest appearance.

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