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Marvel’s best-dressed hero the Wasp returns in a new miniseries from Al Ewing


AFTER HIS RECENT Ant-man miniseries, Al Ewing has now turned his attention to original master of many sizes Hank Pym’s long-time partner, Janet van Dyne. Illustrate­d by Kasia Nie, the four-parter arrives shortly ahead of February’s release of big-screen blockbuste­r Ant-man And The Wasp: Quantumani­a.

“This book is a subtly different beast, for while Ant-man was a series of stories set in the past that joined together into a larger pattern, this is a single story that references and grows out of the past,” explains Ewing. He adds that the series grew out of Janet’s guest appearance in Ant-man: “She was very light and fresh and fun to write, and this is a modern Jan who gets to show maybe a harder edge, but that lightness is still in there as well.”

While each issue of Ant-man was focused upon a different incarnatio­n of the miniature hero, here Janet teams up with her daughter and fellow Wasp, Nadia van Dyne. “Nadia is much more impulsive than Jan, and doesn’t really take time off,” says Ewing. “A lot of the times when you see Jan, she’s at some function or enjoying her social life, so she’s got a very healthy work/life balance. Nadia has no work/life balance, it’s all work. But she’s also an eternal optimist and absolutely dedicated to achieving the best for everybody. It’s fun to put the two of them together and get into the mother/daughter thing.”

As a renowned clothing designer who has created outfits for many of her fellow heroes in addition to herself, Janet’s impeccable appearance and successful business career will also be emphasised in the series. “We definitely touch on the costumes,” says Ewing. “I think this is a very stylish book, as Kasia Nie’s art has a certain fashionpla­te aspect that’s exciting, a sense of poise and style that fits Jan very well. She’s also great with some of the more horrific elements – and there are horrific elements at play here!”

Attacked by Whirlwind in the first issue, the Wasps will come up against several familiar adversarie­s, along with a clandestin­e secret organisati­on which has a mysterious link to their past. “Every villain in the book is a villain that Jan and Nadia have encountere­d before – except one,” teases Ewing. “And WHISPER was one of those, as Nadia had a very brief run-in with them very early in her career, after the Maker had abandoned them. What were they up to and what

were their goals? We never found out back then, but we will now.”

Wasp will reportedly lead into another book from Ewing next year, although he refuses to reveal any details at the moment. “It’s no great spoiler that at some point in 2023 there will be a new series from me,” he says. “I’m not retiring from Marvel, but until more official announceme­nts are made, I’ve got to play it a little bit coy as to exactly what that is.

“But I will say that I don’t feel like I’m done with Jan after this series, by any means.” SJ

Wasp issue one is out 18 January.

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 ?? ?? Proof that maybe not everyone hates wasps.
Proof that maybe not everyone hates wasps.

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