A Twist In The Retail

Wanda Maximoff finds peace as a shopkeeper in Marvel’s new Scarlet Witch series


PREVIOUSLY haunted by her cataclysmi­c actions, Wanda Maximoff is in a surprising­ly peaceful place at the start of her new monthly series, after literally conquering her demon in 2021’s Darkhold crossover event. “Wanda has grown beyond her past mistakes, while not ignoring and still making amends for the pain she has caused,” says writer Steve Orlando, who also penned the Darkhold Alpha and Omega issues. “She’s self-actualised now, with the power to make the impossible possible at her fingertips. And she’s finally looking ahead to help as many people as she can, to ensure no-one has to be where she was: at rock bottom, so sure that’s she’s truly alone – and Wanda has the power to make it so no-one is truly alone.” As one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, she will also not be confined to mystical realms, venturing out into the wider Marvel Universe from her new base, a witchcraft shop that can only be accessed through the mysterious Last Door. “Wanda will be crashing against Marvel’s magic and myth in all new ways through our series,” says Orlando. “But perhaps even more fun is pitting Wanda against foes that don’t expect her, like the Corruptor in issue one, and Dreamqueen in two. Wanda’s skills don’t just live in the world of magic. She’s an Avenger; she’s a superhero. “There will be many!” Orlando says, as to the adversarie­s the Scarlet Witch will come up against. “Wanda will be facing all sorts of villains and exploring all sorts of places in the Marvel Universe, such as Sub-atomica in issue three,” he explains, referring to the star system located in the Microverse. “Anyone can step through the Last Door in need of Wanda’s aid – they don’t need to be from Earth! And at the same time, we’ll be threading a mystery through that will explode in Wanda’s face should she make it out of Sub-atomica.” With Orlando teasing that “She’s brought a mystery with her that’ll string through multiple issues,” we will also see the comic book debut of Kat Dennings’s MCU character Darcy Lewis, who previously confronted the Scarlet Witch in the Wandavisio­n TV series. “Darcy comes to Wanda through the Last Door, but so far she’s been reluctant to talk about just what – or who – it is she’s been running from,” says Orlando, who also promises appearance­s from those close to the Queen of Chaos. “Quicksilve­r, Viv Vision and Polaris are already on the schedule, and the longer we get, the more chances we’ll get to examine Wanda’s relationsh­ip with Marvel’s other magic users – but that’s if she can get through the fistfight she’s got with one of them in the first few issues!” While Russell Dauterman has redesigned Wanda’s distinctiv­e crimson outfit, Orlando praises the “effortless innovation” of interior artist Sara Pichelli. “This isn’t an easy book to draw, if such a thing even exists! But Sara and [colourist] Matt Wilson build worlds for Wanda with ease, conquering each challenge the story throws at them.” Scarlet Witch issue one is out on 4 January.

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One simply has to look stylish when scrapping.

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