Tyler Posey on reprising Teen Wolf role Scott Mccall


After five years, what was it like stepping back into Scott Mccall’s shoes?

At first, I wasn’t sure how it was going to be. I was honestly a little nervous. It’s been five years since we had done any Teen Wolf. I don’t know if many actors get the opportunit­y to reprise a character that they have played several years ago. It was an odd thing that happened to me. As comfortabl­e as I was playing Scott, I second-guessed it. We didn’t have much rehearsal time. We basically got the script. It wasn’t even finished because we were rushing it to get it out to the fans as soon as possible and then we were on set immediatel­y. But once they said “Action,” it all flooded back to me.

How has Scott changed since the last time we saw him?

The last time we saw him, Scott was the hero of Beacon Hills and went to any length to save his friends, his family, his loved ones and even his enemies. He was this major hero, very methodical and always had a plan of action. When we pick up with him, it’s 15 years later and he kind of steps outside of the leadership role and hasn’t revisited that in years because he doesn’t really need to. He left Beacon Hills, which is obviously the Mecca of all the crazy shit that happens in Scott’s life. So, Scott leaving and starting a practice with Deacon in Los Angeles, he’s been able to live a normal life. But it isn’t his favourite thing.

Scott comes back to Beacon Hills to unite his friends against this new big bad, but what kind of alpha and leader is he?

He’s not. He really isn’t. He has to step back into that leadership position and figure it out for himself. It’s been at least 15 years since we have seen Scott, so he is rusty. But it’s like riding a bike, especially for a true alpha. He does step back into it and he wears it well and we see a different side of him. It happens, but it’s definitely a journey and the journey is not what you think.

You’re an executive producer on this movie. What does that title mean to you?

I love Teen Wolf so much. The last few seasons of Teen Wolf, I was a producer. I wanted more. I am a ride-or-die for Teen Wolf. I am so passionate about the show. I have good ideas. I wanted to give some input. I just care so much that I want to rally for it as much as I can, whether it is doing press, travelling the world and talking to fans or advocating for more Teen Wolf.

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