Dylan Sprayberry on returning to Teen Wolf


Where do we find Liam in the movie?

Liam, for reasons that are important to the storyline, has made a big shift in his life and started a new part of his life with his girlfriend, Hikari [Amy L Workman]. He’s been separated from the pack for a long time. While I believe that Liam and the rest of the pack kept in contact here and there, I don’t think there’s been a lot of mass communicat­ion between him and the group. In the movie, you are seeing Liam integrate back into the wolf pack.

How does Liam feel when Scott shows up on his doorstep?

It’s mixed emotions. He’s excited to see his alpha, who is essentiall­y a big brother and someone who completely changed his life back when the bite first happened. It’s this deep feeling of gratitude to see someone that he loves and cares about so dearly. But also, Liam knows he wouldn’t be seeing Scott unless something really bad was happening.

Liam is a fighter and a physical character. How much action can we expect to see with him?

For sure, in the movie, Liam gets a lot of action. That was really fun for me. I have been working on a few things since then, but nowhere near the amount of action I got to do on Teen Wolf. I grew up doing martial arts. It was fun to get to implement something I know on the show, and honestly, we got to improve it this time around and got to do some really great stunts.

As a werewolf, Liam often bares his fangs and lets a howl loose. Did you draw inspiratio­n from any source?

I’ve listened to a lot of Hugh Jackman interviews. Especially being somebody who is playing half-animal/half-human, Hugh’s example of the way he took Wolverine and brought him to life was a big inspiratio­n for me. Seeing the behind-the-scenes of all that stuff with him on set and doing the ADR, it really let me know you have to go all-in. Every time you fight, you are doing the roar. Every time you’re roaring, it’s a real roar. You’re not faking it. I don’t care if you lose your voice. I don’t care if you can’t talk the next day. You’re going for it!

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