RELEASED OUT NOW! 1973 | 15 | Blu-ray

Director Robert Fuest

Cast Jon Finch, Jenny Runacre,

Sterling Hayden, Graham Crowden

Introduced in the pages of British science fiction magazine New Worlds, Michael Moorcock’s multifacet­ed hero Jerry Cornelius was the closest the ’60s countercul­ture came to its own James Bond: a dandy playboy adventurer, caught up in outlandish scrapes.

This big-screen adaptation failed to conjure 007-style business, despite the charisma of its lead Jon Finch, who enters looking like Jim Morrison and swaggers through proceeding­s with a leather-gloved blend of loucheness and intensity.

Director Robert Fuest was a veteran of The Avengers and summons some of that irony here. He also brings a terrific eye for design, staging a scene inside a giant pinball machine and presenting a Ballardian pile of abandoned cars against the London skyline, illustrati­ng a slow creep to apocalypse that feels unnervingl­y prescient.

But if the film succeeds as a ’70s design catalogue it fails as a storytelli­ng exercise. It takes strong, provocativ­e ideas and has no idea how to thread them into a compelling whole. Listless and unengaging, it’s for your eyes only.

Extras Film critic Kim Newman provides a retrospect­ive on Robert Fuest (14 minutes), making a persuasive case that he could have been a rival to fellow Brit-film visionary Ken Russell. Co-star Jenny Runacre shares memories (11 minutes), revealing that Moorcock’s dissatisfa­ction with the film may have scuppered plans to make a whole series of movies.

A glimpse of the Italian title sequence (two minutes) is barely a curio, while a selection of trailers (eight minutes) includes an amusing attempt to sell the film as a hard-edged apocalypti­c thriller. The package also includes four art cards. Nick Setchfield

Michael Moorcock wanted cult space-rock group Hawkwind (friends of his) to score the film, but was overruled by the director.

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“You wouldn’t happen to have any aspirin…?”

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