No Chip on their shoul­ders

The Murphy fam­ily, from Win­ton, has three dogs on its beef cat­tle prop­erty. Dusty and Chip are kelpies, while Kitty is a Jack Rus­sell ter­rier. Dusty has got him­self into trou­ble over the years, in­clud­ing hav­ing his owner kicked out of a car­a­van park. The

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How did they get their names?

Dusty — I picked him up and had no name in mind. Driv­ing back from Kerang, where I got him from, and I came up with Dusty by the time I got to Shep­par­ton. I just liked the name and it suits his colour.

For Chip, my brother (John Paul) and I were brain­storm­ing and that’s what JP came up with. There was a bit of a re­luc­tance at first but even­tu­ally we got around it.

Kitty is Mum’s (Kathy) dog. She’s named after my grand­mother.

What are their per­son­al­i­ties like?

Dusty is fix­ated with all liv­ing creatures and live­stock. It gets him into trou­ble. He’s a bit head­strong at times. Dusty’s a dog that likes to lis­ten to you — at times. He’s a beau­ti­ful look­ing dog. He likes a good scratch be­hind the ear.

Chip is a good dog. He’s a bit more chilled than Dusty. He’s quiet with the stock and Head­strong . . . Dusty got Tim Murphy kicked out of a car­a­van park. easy to train and he likes to give you a good lick.

Kitty is the boss and the oth­ers fall in line. Dusty is sec­ond in com­mand and Chip is the trusty lieu­tenant. She’s a ner­vous dog but is in tune with how you are go­ing. She’s got a ten­dency to wan­der and fol­low her nose a bit. She will jump in a stranger’s car in a heart­beat.

I hear Dusty has got him­self and your­self into trou­ble over the years. Can you tell us a cou­ple of sto­ries?

When Dusty was 10 weeks old (now two years old), we had to rush out of the house and left him unat­tended and he got into a half a block of cho­co­late that JP left for the pick­ing. When we came home he was run­ning around the house like a spring chicken, In com­mand . . . Kitty is a ner­vous dog but knows how you are feel­ing. lit­er­ally climb­ing up the walls. He left a good mess for us to clean up.

(On an­other oc­ca­sion) Dusty got me kicked out of a car­a­van park in Young. The owner said he could stay but not to be in­side the cabin. I had him tied up next to my car on a longish lead and as I was com­ing back into the cabin from the bar­be­cue Dusty fol­lowed me in — to the de­light of the car­a­van park owner. She said I could stay, but Dusty couldn’t.

Words and pic­tures:

Strong bond . . . Tim Murphy and his fam­ily’s dogs Dusty, Kitty and Chip.

Chase on . . . The two kelpies love a run in the pad­dock.

Shad­ows . . . Wher­ever Tim or his brother John Paul are on the farm, you will find the dogs.

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