Ques­tion­ing our vot­ing sys­tem

Shepparton News - - SNVIEWPOINT - Ron Poole Shep­par­ton

Fi­nally, after a week and a half, the seat of Shep­par­ton was de­clared in favour of our highly-re­spected sit­ting mem­ber Suzanna Sheed.

Surely this must again raise the ques­tion of our vot­ing sys­tem.

Most other democ­ra­cies with pop­u­la­tions much greater than ours use the ‘first-past-the-post’ and have a re­sult the same day and gov­ern for a fixed term.

I am aware there are many ar­gu­ments for ev­ery sys­tem of vot­ing, all can be shown to have flaws, but first-past-the­p­ost has worked very well for many years.

Our pref­er­ence sys­tem al­lows sin­gle iden­ti­ties or small par­ties to get elected with a min­i­mum of votes for them.

First-past-the-post will of course elim­i­nate these peo­ple and par­ties, but ba­si­cally all they do is clog up the count­ing sys­tem.

I would pre­fer this for all lev­els of vot­ing. Why do we cling to this ar­chaic sys­tem?

I can­not fathom it at all.

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