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1 What was the ti­tle of John Tra­volta’s 2000 sci-fi movie flop, based on the work of L. Ron Hub­bard?

2 In what year did the BBC be­gin broad­cast­ing?

3 Which Amer­i­can poet (pic­tured) re­leased the col­lec­tion Leaves of Grass?

4 To which phy­lum does the cham­bered nau­tilus be­long?

5 UK nar­row­boats are made to fit what va­ri­ety of wa­ter­way?

6 What are the two pri­mary com­po­nents of the al­loy steel?

7 What fruit is pro­duced by the plant Olea eu­ropaea?

8 What does the fa­mous Tsuk­iji mar­ket (now the Toyosu mar­ket) in Tokyo sell?

9 Mer­cia was a his­tor­i­cal king­dom lo­cated in which modern coun­try?

10 Which fa­mous crim­i­nal twins were por­trayed by Tom Hardy in the 2015 film Leg­end?

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