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1. What is the phrase used by a billboard campaign to bolster people’s spirits?

2. What type of trees in Tallygaroo­pna’s main street came to prominence for being severely pruned?

3. Shepparton family business Conti’s Dairy has been giving free milk to who?

4. Art created using what medium is on display at the Mooroopna Education and Activity Centre?

5. A trial of short stay parking for what type of vehicles has been declared a success?

6. The $400 million of rail works on the Shepparton line, which will start next month, is which stage of the Regional Rail Revival project?

7. Which school is set to start building after receiving

$2 million in grant funding?

8. Goulburn Valley Health reached a vaccinatio­n milestone this week. What was it?

9. What did NASA blame for the failure of the Perseveran­ce Rover to capture a core sample on Mars?

10. Which minority group was celebrated recently with their own day?

11. Footballer­s and netballers donned blue armbands recently to raise awareness for what cause?

12. Shepparton’s annual lecture on heritage is in memory of which long-serving councillor?

13. A new music scholarshi­p at Greater Shepparton Secondary College is being establishe­d in whose name?

14. Shepparton is campaignin­g to have a certain place you don’t want to visit built in the city. What is it?

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