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Kindness makes all the difference

- DARREN LINTON darren.linton@ ● Darren Linton is a journalist at The News

Believe it or not this is a happy story.

A couple of weeks ago we lost our family dog Licky after 15 years.

He watched a movie with the family and around 10 pm let us know that he wanted to go outside.

This in itself was odd because in his old age he was always reluctant to give up his spot on the couch.

Usually, at the end of the evening you would have to pick him up and carry him out, and he would grump and growl at the inconvenie­nce.

He knew, and wanted to be alone, as dogs often do.

The next morning he was discovered on the back step, his go-to place to soak up the morning sunshine, taking his last breath.

We went through the pain of saying our farewells, wrapping him up and taking him to the kind souls at the Shepparton Veterinary Clinic where we chose to have him cremated with other pets and his ashes scattered.

Licky dog got his name when he was first introduced to our toddler son and from the moment he gave him a name we had to keep him. He was still a pup, but had been abused by his first owner.

We set about getting on with life, but it is different. I didn’t realise every time I walked out the back door I looked down to see if Licky was in his bed, now there isn’t even a bed.

We expected to navigate this odd new world alone as a family, so the unexpected kindness of others brought happy tears.

First was a beautiful card from a thoughtful neighbour who would see Licky coming and going on his long walks along the Goulburn River.

Then, just as unexpected, a card arrived from the vets who had put Licks back together when he was hit by a car, and had treated the arthritis that stiffened his back leg.

The card included a lock of Licky’s hair sealed in a bag. The scent and the sentiment gave us great comfort.

Kindness is such a great gift.

 ??  ?? Farewell great mate: Licky dog relaxing with Amaia.
Farewell great mate: Licky dog relaxing with Amaia.
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