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Most people wouldn’t pick fishers as collectors, but they are. Your average fishing type has a shed full of rods, reels, tackle and gadgets all gathered over the years, as the next best thing they needed to make sure they hooked a fish. Then there’s the stuff that is too good for the dusty corner of the shed that takes pride of place on the mantle.

Rapala Fat Rap Prop Set of three — $99.00 per set

Produced in limited quantity for the discerning collector, each lure is tastefully packaged in a limitededi­tion box for unique presentati­on. At almost 11 g and only 5 cm long, these compact tear-drop shaped, floating prop baits (above right) are designed for top-water action. If you do want to get it wet the lure is crafted from Balsa wood, and is equipped with dual stainless steel propellers, that fractionat­e water and produce a bubble trail as it wobbles and splutters on a steady retrieve.

Daiwa Coastal 200HS TWS $369.99 each

The Daiwa Coastal 200HS casting reel (above left) features a new inshore design that is comfortabl­e to fish and still delivers the added toughness and increased line capacity you need for fighting big fish. High strength brass gearing material delivers maximum winding power and the longer cut-away 100 mm swept handle provides additional leverage.

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