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Andrews urges Shepparton residents to comply with iso call


Mr Andrews used the example of the outbreak at Al-Taqwa College in Melbourne where many of the cases in the cluster did not test positive until their compulsory test on day 13 of quarantine.

“So you’ve been in the company of someone who’s positive, or you’ve been to an exposure site, if you’re asked to isolate it is incredibly important that you do that, there’s no ducking down to the shops or going and visiting someone,” he said.

“There is literally no room for error, you’ve got to be isolating for the entirety of that 14-day period and I’ll just reference the number of day 13 tests which came in positive at the end of the Al-Taqwa College outbreak, despite the fact that literally 100 per cent of them had been tested negative early on, they turned positive over that isolation period.”

Victoria’s COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar said it

was clear that the Delta strain of COVID-19 was spreading through a younger cohort and also causing more illness in younger people.

“We have seen kids get COVID, we have seen kids spreading within their families with a very high attack rate within the families as outlined with the example of

some of the schools,” he said.

“We’ve also seen kids transmitti­ng to each other, so nobody in this state is safe or immune from this.”

Mr Weimar said 3753 primary close contacts had been identified with the Shepparton outbreak, although that was prior to St Brendan’s

being added as an exposure site.

One third of those primary close contacts have been tested and returned a negative result.

“My thanks to the fantastic work of the Shepparton community over the last few days, especially Goulburn Valley Health and their teams,” he said.

“We tested 5500 people on Saturday and Sunday at some very busy testing stations, we have even more testing resources being set up today in Shepparton and will continue to test as we work through this over the coming days.” The 36 current active cases in Shepparton were spread across just eight households, to Sunday night Mr Weimar said, underlinin­g the health message that the Delta strain usually spreads to all members of a household.

“And again, I expect to see those numbers increase over the coming days,” Mr Weimar said.

Victoria recorded 71 new cases on Monday and 22 mystery cases, more than double the previous day’s figure.

There are now 10 cases linked to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, including staff who cared for a Shepparton man who was admitted for surgery. The Shepparton man is thought to be the source of the cluster.

 ??  ?? Up for test: A third of the 3753 primary close contacts identified by Sunday night have already returned a negative result.
Up for test: A third of the 3753 primary close contacts identified by Sunday night have already returned a negative result.

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