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Our community is stepping up, but with so many thousands of people in isolation The News is today calling for government assistance. Shepparton is a resilient and self-reliant community, but with so many people needing support, just for the basics, we need to know someone has our back.

Greater Shepparton is a resilient community that has learnt over the years that if you really want something done, you do it yourself.

This outbreak of COVID19 is different.

We have many thousands of families isolating, locked in rigid quarantine for 14 days with only one reason to leave home, to get tested.

Even doing that is problemati­c.

There is a crunch coming when Greater Shepparton Secondary College families need to have their mandatory day-13 test and return a negative result to get out of quarantine. There isn’t the capacity. Does that mean people will face a longer quarantine because they have to wait for the mandatory test?

There is an even bigger problem: how will everyone get even the basics to get through the lockdown?

Our supermarke­ts are scaling back click-and-collect, delivery, and even opening hours because, like every other business in town, they have lost staff to quarantine.

One pharmacy has five staff quarantine­d while demand for urgent medication­s to be delivered is soaring.

Our community is strong, and people are stepping up to help.

GV Cares draws on a growing band of fully vaccinated volunteers to deliver medicine, basic food and nappies to isolating people.

“The need is very high — thousands and thousands of people are quarantini­ng, people don’t have access to their traditiona­l networks, they’re also in quarantine,” organiser Lisa McKenzie said.

As quarantine drags on and families start exhausting their supplies, will they be able to keep up?

The News is concerned the task will become too great.

Daily, the Victorian Government focuses on case numbers, and there appears to be little recognitio­n that a genuine and immediate problem is supporting the vast number of people in quarantine.

To date, we’ve been given little reassuranc­e and no clear plan.

We need help, and soon.

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