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Neurosurge­on faces restrictio­ns after complaints


SYDNEY: Temporary restrictio­ns have been placed upon renowned Sydney neurosurge­on Charlie Teo’s medical licence after complaints about his work.

The measures include a rule that Dr Teo obtains written support from an approved neurosurge­on before performing certain types of brain tumour surgery.

‘‘If the written statement does not support the practition­er performing the procedure(s) the practition­er cannot recommend or perform the surgery,’’ the statement on his registrati­on says.

The restrictio­ns follow the opening of an investigat­ion by the Health Care Complaints Commission.

The complaints levelled against the neurosurge­on have not been publicly revealed.

A spokesman for Dr Teo said the conditions would not impact the doctor’s surgical procedures and ‘‘will involve greater consultati­on — not a second opinion — with another neurosurge­on’’ regarding the rare types of cancer.

More detailed record-keeping and regular audits would increase ‘‘the transparen­cy of his lifesaving work to the medical profession’’.

The inquiry into complaints against Dr Teo caused the Medical Council of NSW to last week call an ‘‘immediate action panel’’.

The confidenti­al panel was not disciplina­ry in nature and sought to place protection­s for the public, the council said.

Dr Teo has the right to appeal the decision to the NSW Civil and Administra­tive Tribunal.

The conditions are in force from yesterday and will remain until the completion of a health watchdog investigat­ion, unless the Medical Council decides to remove them earlier.

Dr Teo was embroiled in a public spat with colleagues in 2019 after charging one of his patients $120,000 for a life-saving operation. He denied overchargi­ng his patients.

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