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He’s exec paw-ducer


One FM breakfast host Terri Cowley is still managing to broadcast from home.

Terri is under a stop-and-stay order, like thousands of others.

Her labrador Dodger doesn’t respond to stop or stay orders, but he had grown fond of putting on headphones and listening to his master’s voice.

Temporaril­y unwelcome

The pandemic has spawned lots of things but Oddie is quite fond of pandemic doormats. You can order one that says, ‘‘Quarantini­ng household, come back later’’ or ‘‘Temporaril­y unwelcome’’.

Oddie fancies the more blunt, ‘‘For your safety and ours — bugger off’’.

Oddie had no idea that doormats were such fun. Given the difficulty in getting delivery, my eye is on the post-lockdown doormat which says, ‘‘The neighbours have better stuff’’.

Speaking of Matt

Goulburn Valley Health chief executive Matt Sharp and his team are doing a sterling job under trying circumstan­ces. All our frontline workers are wonderful.

Oddie saw a post from a nurse which just said, ‘‘sweating like I’m jogging’’ as she tried to work in the uncomforta­ble and hot PPE gear now required.

Oddie would like to hug every teacher, health worker, supermarke­t worker or retail assistant but isn’t allowed out yet, and isn’t allowed to hug people.

Oddie’s guide to lockdown

Simple. A good book, sorting the garden, lying on your back looking at clouds, baking, jigsaw puzzles, board games at the back of the cupboard, charades, daggy dancing, knitting and crochet (like riding a bike), science experiment­s, quizzes, learning to tie knots, bug hunting, staring at the moon and howling occasional­ly.

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 ??  ?? ‘Goooood morning Shepparton’: Dodger broadcasti­ng live on air.
‘Goooood morning Shepparton’: Dodger broadcasti­ng live on air.

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