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As working from home becomes the new normal for many of us, especially with restrictio­ns now in place in Shepparton, it is important to have a suitable workspace set up in your home that will inspire you every day. Metricon Design Manager, Adrian Popple, gives some tips to boost your productivi­ty and improve your work-life balance, with a home study you will love to work in.

Find the perfect location – When working from home, it’s all about location. People tend to gravitate towards the dining table, but this is not the best spot to be working from. The separation between work and home is important. Instead, you want to choose a quiet space away from others and any disruption­s. Even better if your workspace has a door you can close or a screen. If you will have visiting clients, position your workspace at the front of your home so they don’t need to walk through the entire home. Other considerat­ions are the size of the space, access to power points and of course, the proximity to the Wi-Fi.

Organisati­on is key – A decluttere­d space promotes productivi­ty. If you are short on space, opt for a desk with built in shelves and drawers. Shelving allows you to store paperwork, stationery and other appliances such as a printer or scanner above, while drawers – especially when used with internal organisati­on units –will minimise clutter on your desk. Pinboards, corkboards and magnetic boards will keep important informatio­n at eye-level.

Desk and chairs – When choosing a desk, you need to decide how much space you need and what shape of desk works best for your space. Your desk, built in or not, should be at least 600mm deep and have ample storage. You might also like to consider a sit-stand desk, if you don’t want to be sitting all day. Invest in a chair that gives you the support you deserve, click and collect is still available in Shepparton and it’s a very worthwhile purchase. Ensure the chair fits beneath your desk, is adjustable and is comfortabl­e – no one has time for back and neck pain. If you have carpeted floors, it is also a good idea to buy a plastic chair mat.

Get colourful – Playing with colour in your home office is important. Bright and cheerful colours will help you stay alert. Earthy tones and warm colours are calming. While, lighter tones will keep your space feeling airy and open. Home offices are also a great time to get creative by using wallpaper or creating a coloured feature wall.

Light it up – Natural lighting is ideal, so if you can, try and position your workspace near a window. This is a great way to save electricit­y, reduce eyestrain and even de-stress if the window looks out to some greenery or water. If you do need to install some lighting, task lighting is a great option to suit your specific tasks, while desk lamps can add some personal flair.

For more expert tips and inspiratio­n for your home workspace, checkout Metricon’s free webinar on the topic on the Metricon YouTube channel. You can also book a phone or virtual appointmen­t to see the Fortitude 37 and Sentinel 29, simply call 1300 786 773 to book an appointmen­t with one of our local

New Home Advisors, Matt Mastroiann­i or Renee Grant.

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