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We’re all in the same boat



Here we go again, another week, another lockdown. But this time the dreaded virus is closer to home.

Already a large proportion of our population is in quarantine. With most fishing spots more than 5 km from home, going to wet a line is not really an option.

So it is back to tending to the household chores, watching TV or movies and once again cleaning and maintainin­g the fishing gear.

It’s a pity, because things were starting to look positive for fishing in our region. Although the cod season closure is now just several days off, cray season closes at the same time — midnight on Tuesday.

While freshwater fishing is a nogo, so too is saltwater fishing.

Rod Lawn from Adamas Fishing Charters at Queensclif­f has again gone back to the couch.

He said he had done all the spit and polish on his boat that is possible to do without wearing the paint off and he’s hoping like all of us that the pandemic is over sooner rather than later.

The boys north of the border, Jono and Graham, are in the same boat (pardon the pun) and are also hoping for an end to the pandemic. Had your jab yet?

Before the gates slammed shut, I had heard that trout were being caught at Dartmouth and Lake Hume as well as Eildon.

Most action included trolling fenders, trailing a bunch of worms or mudeye or even a hard-body lure.

I have been asked why fenders are used.

Well, they are an attractor — evidently trout see them and think they are another fish having a feed, so being inquisitiv­e, they go and have a look, see the bait or lure and bingo.

How the fender got its name is simple — its shape is similar to the over-rider on the bumper bar of early model Ford cars.

There’s not a lot more to report this week, but when this lockdown lifts the cod season will be closed, and yellowbell­y should be active — as will the snapper in saltwater.

In fact, Rod said some early kingfish were starting to move in, following the Aussie salmon.

He said there was always f lathead and squid on standby if you were able to wet a line.

If you are able to get to a fishing spot within your 5 km of freedom, good luck.

But I will not be trying to fudge the rules, so it looks like more footy.

My team is out of the finals action, but good luck to those still in.

My tip is Melbourne or even Brisbane, or even Geelong have a chance. But what would I know.

To all of you — stay safe. Times are testing due to the pandemic.

Do all the right things — it does not take much to trigger an outbreak as, sadly, we have learned. Keep your mask on and once again, stay safe.

 ?? Picture AP ?? Before the lockdown: There were good reports of trout being caught at lakes Dartmouth, Hume and Eildon.
Picture AP Before the lockdown: There were good reports of trout being caught at lakes Dartmouth, Hume and Eildon.

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