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Jailed over threat to stab

- By Alex Mitchell

A man who threatened to stab a group of people with a cheese knife has been jailed.

Remo Sarikaya, 41, pleaded guilty to threatenin­g to inf lict serious injury, dealing suspected proceeds of crime, criminal damage, and committing an indictable offence while on bail.

The Shepparton Magistrate­s’ Court heard Sarikaya was walking on Erskine St, Shepparton when he kicked a dog that ran onto the street. A group of people confronted him, which saw him then produce a knife and state ‘‘I’ll stab you in the face’’.

Sarikaya’s lawyer Susie Crowe would tell the court the knife in question was a cheese knife. She added one of the people who had confronted him was holding a large plank of wood.

The court also heard of an incident from February 26, where a victim left two bikes chained together on his caravan parked outside the Sherbourne Hotel. The bikes were stolen at some time between 10 pm on February 25 and 7 am on February 26.

The victim, who had reported the bikes stolen to police, and their friends noticed Sarikaya outside the Sherbourne Hotel riding one of the stolen bikes. They contacted police, who subsequent­ly arrested him.

After his arrest, Sarikaya told police he had been given the bike by a friend.

Sarikaya also admitted attending his sister’s house on June 13, and tampering with the rear tyres of her car before striking the windscreen twice.

Ms Crowe said her client suffered from schizoaffe­ctive and substance use disorders, and said he was ‘‘motivated and willing’’ to engage with services. She said he had been ‘‘essentiall­y in and out of custody for two decades’’ but argued the offending was at the lower end of objective seriousnes­s.

Magistrate Peter Mithen imposed a four-month prison sentence — 66 days of which had already been served — while he also confirmed a correction­s order Sarikaya had breached via the offending.

Mr Mithen warned Sarikaya he would have "no further chances" if he breached the order again.

 ??  ?? Sentenced: Remo Sarikaya was sentenced to four months in jail.
Sentenced: Remo Sarikaya was sentenced to four months in jail.

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