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At least 10 Shepparton people are in hospital with COVID-19.

GV Health chief executive officer Matt Sharp said at least six of those were in Melbourne hospitals, while another one was expected to be transferre­d to Melbourne yesterday afternoon or evening.

Three people remain in hospital at GV Health, while Mr Sharp said others had sought help through the hospital’s emergency department.

A total of 99 active cases remain in Shepparton.

It also emerged yesterday that Shepparton is the first health service in Victoria to receive a new COVID-19 drug called Sotrovimab, an anti-body treatment given to reduce the severity of illness.

Mr Sharp said GV Health was starting to see people come into the hospital who were ‘‘critically unwell’’.

He urged people who had even the mildest symptoms to get tested.

‘‘The Delta variant of coronaviru­s is really nasty,’’ Mr Sharp said.

He asked people to not only keep an eye out for sore throats, runny noses and respirator­y symptoms, but also stomach and gastrointe­stinal symptoms.

‘‘Don’t dismiss it as normal tummy bug, (it) could well be COVID as well,’’ he said.

Mr Sharp reiterated the call for people that have been to exposure sites, particular­ly SkySalon, Ian McLennan Centre at Mooroopna and the community centre at the Shepparton East Recreation Reserve, to present for testing.

Of the Shepparton outbreak, the positive cases are affecting 35 households, with all cases linked so far, he said.

More than 21,000 COVID-19 tests have been conducted at GV Health sites — equating to more than 40 per cent of Shepparton’s population.

The turnaround time for results on Monday was only 24 hours.

Day 13 tests have started already for some Shepparton residents who were at exposure sites early in the outbreak, however, Mr Sharp said Thursday and Friday would have the highest numbers tested with Notre Dame College and Greater Goulburn Secondary College students and their close contacts coming forward on those days.

Mr Sharp urged people to get vaccinated.

In the past two weeks 4000 people have been vaccinated each week at Shepparton.

Meanwhile, Emergency Management Victoria deputy commission­er Deb Abbott said a relief effort had delivered 3000 care and relief packages to households in the Shepparton area in the past few days.

She said organisati­ons, community groups, agencies and government department­s had worked together to deliver the packages, which not only contained food, but also essential items such as medication­s and baby formula.

Ms Abbott also personally thanked Lutfiyes owner Azem Elmaz for his work.

‘‘(He) has provided 340 meals to homeless yesterday (Sunday) and he’s expecting to do a further 500 more,’’ Ms Abbott said.

‘‘It’s a small, indicative case of what really is a truly supportive, productive, capable and resilient local community of Shepparton.

‘‘Unless you have that type of spirit within a community, meeting the challenges we’ve had over the last few days could not be achieved.’’

Ms Abbott also said supermarke­ts had adjusted their online business and had brought in workforces to make sure people’s needs were met.

Agricultur­e Victoria had also focused on help for farmers, including helping with vet services, stock feed and other needs.

 ??  ?? Helping out: Emergency Management Victoria deputy commission­er Deb Abbott said 3000 care packages had been delivered to people isolating in Shepparton in the past few days.
Helping out: Emergency Management Victoria deputy commission­er Deb Abbott said 3000 care packages had been delivered to people isolating in Shepparton in the past few days.

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