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- By Monique Preston

As many of us wait for our lives to start again—the first blossoms of spring are a sign that winter is behind us. New life and good times are just around the corner. Our winter weather wrap-up

Blossoms are out in the trees and baby animals abound as today marks the first day of spring.

Hopefully it also brings with it some warmer weather.

June daytime temperatur­es in Shepparton this year were close to average, while nights this year were warmer than usual.

July, however, was slightly cooler than normal, while August was slightly warmer than the historical mean for the month.

Shepparton also had a much wetter June and July than usual this year, but August’s rainfall was below average.

The most rain in one day for winter was the 21 mm that fell in the 24 hours until 9 am on June 24.

According to Bureau of Meteorolog­y figures, Shepparton

recorded 67.2 mm of rain during June, with rainfall on 18 different days.

This is almost double the average June rainfall recorded at the same site since 1996 and well up on the historical average recorded at the old Bureau of Meteorolog­y weather station at Lemnos between 1962 and 1996.

The June rainfall average over the past 25 years is 37.7 mm, while the mean rainfall recorded at Lemnos between 1962 and 1996 was 48.7 mm.

July saw 56.4 mm of rain fall in Shepparton over 21 different days.

According to historical figures, the city had both a wetter-than-average July and more rainy days.

The historical average July rainfall recorded at Shepparton Airport from 1996 until now is 41.4 mm.

Figures from 1962 to 1996

taken from the Campbell’s Soup site at Lemnos saw a mean July rainfall of 57.7 mm.

August saw only 27.8 mm fall in the town over 13 days.

This is well below the historical average of 45.5 mm.

June’s daytime temperatur­es this year were close to average, while nights were a little warmer than average.

This year’s June mean daytime maximum temperatur­e was 14° Celsius, compared to a historical mean of 14.2°.

The mean night-time June temperatur­e this year was 5.3°C, warmer than the historical June average of 3.7°C.

Shepparton’s daytime temperatur­es were close to the average for July, with a mean of 12.7°C, slightly down on the historical average of 13.3°C.

This year’s night-time temperatur­e of 4°C was slightly above the historical average of 3.4°.

August saw a mean daytime temperatur­e of 15.3°, slightly up on the historical mean of 14.9°.

Nights, however, saw a mean temperatur­e of 4.5°, compared to the historical average of 3.7° for the month.

The warmest day was 21.8° on August 22, while the coldest saw the mercury only climb to 11.5° on August 3.

The coldest night was a chilly -0.5° on August 28, while the warmest was 9.8° on August 23.

Looking forward to the first week of spring, the Bureau of Meteorolog­y is forecastin­g 22° for Wednesday, 25° for Thursday and 24° for Friday, before dipping back to 15° on Saturday and 16° on Sunday.

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 ?? Picture: Rodney Braithwait­e ?? Blossoms abound in Kialla: The first day of spring is here.
Picture: Rodney Braithwait­e Blossoms abound in Kialla: The first day of spring is here.

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