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Our Finer folk do us proud


Oddie has been overwhelme­d by the stories emerging from our current battle with the bug.

None finer that Finer Fruits, which had most staff at home under stop-and-stay orders but declared it would not fail to deliver and would never cancel an order.

They had ample fresh produce to deliver to people in quarantine but limited resources to get it there so up stepped Robin Knaggs and the crew from Watters Electrical who used their vans to get the food to people in need.

A Gouge job fellas

Dry cleaning is a logistics business, with a lot of picking up, processing and dropping off, so in our time of need who better than Rob and Phil

Priestly to get behind establishi­ng a warehouse and distributi­on facility from scratch.

It was an empty building with a bit of rubbish strewn around and no power.

But with many helping hands, it soon became an efficient base for local charities to process generous donations and dispatch goods to needy people.

Gouge staff donated their time, 70 trolleys to move goods around and any spare trucks also helped immensely.

Why Oddie shops local

Oddie is a fan of small business and this is why.

When the chips are down, whether it’s someone in need or thousands, local businesses do whatever they can to help.

When it was apparent people couldn’t connect with the food chain, small businesses pivoted quickly, as only they can do.

GV Cares shared a list of a dozen small businesses that could deliver everything from ‘‘milk to your door’’ to


That said, both the Chamber of Commerce and the Committee for Greater Shepparton made it clear that businesses are hurting financiall­y and suffering emotionall­y from the heavy load they have carried during the pandemic.

We can’t give them a hug (yet) but when you enter a small business, make a point of thanking them for being there, in good and bad times.

 ??  ?? Lots to offer in the tough times: Fresh food ready to be delivered by a friendly sparky to people in need.
Lots to offer in the tough times: Fresh food ready to be delivered by a friendly sparky to people in need.
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