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Luftiyes Shish Kebab owner Azem Elmaz and his family have been providing free food and essential supplies to those isolating. Here’s what our readers had to say about their work within the community:

Tom Allen: Gives back? I’m pretty sure all Azem Elmaz does is give to the Shepparton community. A true gentleman and hero in the Shepparton community.

Natalie Dobbyn: Such amazing people who love this community! Thank you for everything you guys do! We really do appreciate it and seeing your food van in the middle of the bush is a sign we are looked after.

Helen Clarke: The spirit of giving goes deep, even though they keep getting knocked down for their generosity by folk who wish to cause grief. You’re like Eveready batteries moving on with a smile. The community says thank you.

Luke Dealy: When aren’t you guys giving back. You guys are always offering out of your own pocket. When lockdown's over I’ll be in for a feed.

Janet Young-Philippe: These people are always out helping others. You are both a credit to this country.

The Department of Environmen­t, Land, Water, and Planning is reminding Victorians to have an action plan in place for bird swooping incidents this spring. Here's what The News' readers had to say:

Patricia Doherty: Wear a helmet or large ice-cream container with eyes painted all over it. Or find a stuffed buzzard and stick it on your head. Works for me.

Elaine Walker Smith: Give them some food and they will be your friend for life. There is no swooping season, just having baby season.

Laura Lyn Ash: Another thing that makes me not want to leave the house.

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