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More needed beyond laws


CANBERRA: The Federal Government’s proposed workplace sexual harassment laws fall short of a landmark review’s recommenda­tions and won’t stop harm, advocates have warned.

Labor and the Greens also want all recommenda­tions made by commission­er Kate Jenkins to be wholly ref lected in the draft ‘‘respect at work’’ bill.

‘‘In its current form, the respect at work bill is insufficie­nt to really stamp out sexual harassment,’’ Diversity Council Australia head Lisa Annese said.

The government and businesses are urged to take a more proactive approach to prevent harm, rather than set up a process of handling complaints after they happen.

Green Circle Legal chief executive Sara Kane said the bill should be changed to boost protection­s for complainan­ts and provide longer time frames to make complaints.

She also wants ‘‘substantiv­e equality between men and women’’ to be written into black letter law.

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