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Lockdown stays


From 11.59 pm today playground­s will reopen for children under 12 with strict rules including only one parent per family in attendance and QR codes for checking in.

Mr Andrews said the high case numbers in Melbourne meant any further easing would not occur until 70 per cent of Victorians have had at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose.

“What that means is that we can’t ease restrictio­ns today in any profound way. I don’t think anyone was expecting that but it’s simply not possible. And in fact, we are in for a difficult time, a challengin­g time,” he said.

There is now confidence the Shepparton outbreak is under control, but Mr Andrews said the city would not be part of a plan to ease regional restrictio­ns next week.

“The Shepparton community, as always, has done an amazing, amazing job, a great effort, but if we just put Shepparton to one side for one moment and think about the rest of regional Victoria, we think we will be able to end the lockdown in the rest of regional Victoria next week,” he said.

“The nature of that ending of the lockdown, so there will be an opening up but there will still be significan­t restrictio­ns on what can occur and of course no-one other than those who are authorised will be able to go to regional Victoria from metropolit­an Melbourne.”

Shepparton may still be able to open up before Melbourne, but that will depend on testing results over coming days.

“The trends there are good and the fact it has been contained to the Goulburn Valley is a testament to the people of the Goulburn Valley, and the fact they have followed the rules,” Mr Andrews said.

“No decision has been made on the status of Shepparton, it is fair to say the rest of regional Victoria will be able to move before Shepparton and we will have Shepparton following along as close behind as we can.”

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