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On road to recovery


Victorian Governor Linda Dessau took time out to have a chat with City of Greater Shepparton Mayor Kim O’Keeffe about life after the city’s COVID19 outbreak, leading to this tweet.

‘‘Greater Shepparton City, in the heart of the Goulburn Valley, is the fourth largest provincial centre in Victoria. Pleased today to speak with Cr Kim O’Keeffe, mayor, and Peter Harriott, CEO, about their recent challenges with COVID-19 and plans for recovery.’’

Oddie is pleased that the word ‘recovery’ is now replacing ‘outbreak’ and soon it will be joined by words like freedom and welcome.

Well, that didn’t last long

Thursday was always going to be challengin­g as the bulk of those placed on stop-and-stay orders because of potential exposure to COVID-19 at schools came forward for their day 13 test.

Oddie was up early and wasn’t surprised to find people who arrived at 6 am to get a jump on everyone else were reporting they were already at the back of a long line. We are a determined and (for the most part) good-humoured mob and this tweet (pictured above) from Katherine pretty much summed it up: anything to beat the virus.

That’s the spirit that has enabled us to get on top of it. Bravo.

Don’t panic

Oddie isn’t a health expert, but we’ve all been watching pandemic TV daily for so long that we can guess what the main game is now.

While mass testing of those potentiall­y exposed is likely to throw up more positives, the key measure of success is that they have all been in quarantine while infectious.

If the sacrifices of so many people means we have stopped the virus circulatin­g in the community, we will have succeeded in crushing it for a second time. What a great community we are.

Left, right, no go

Oddie can comply with a stopand-stay order but dealing with one-way streets and turn bans has always been a problem.

Oddie may never have made it out of central Hobart a few years ago, but thankfully the hire car ran out of petrol driving around in circles. Car abandoned; the escape continued on foot.

Having looked at the plans for traffic management around the new Greater Shepparton Secondary College site, Oddie will just give it a wide berth, which will probably help ease congestion anyway.

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 ??  ?? Staying positive: Governor Linda Dessau talking to Cr Kim O’Keeffe and Peter Harriott.
Staying positive: Governor Linda Dessau talking to Cr Kim O’Keeffe and Peter Harriott.

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