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Father’s Day will look a little different this year and many are on the hunt for ways to celebrate with the family.

Luckily, there are plenty of gift and activity ideas for families to take part in.

As some last-minute inspiratio­n for those still thinking about how to have fun with their dad this weekend, we’ve put together a list of our favourite ideas.

Spend time together

Weather permitting, a backyard picnic is a nice way to spend some quality time together on Sunday. Take a picnic rug, put together some of your dad’s favourite foods, and gather outside with the family.

For sporty dads, a homemade cricket pitch with the classic wheelie bin stumps might be great for some Sunday fun.

If your family prefers a cosy day inside, organise a movie night. Choose a favourite film, make some popcorn, even get the children to make their own movie tickets. That way, it’ll feel like you’re really going to the movies.

Baking fun

A spot of baking is another great activity to do for, or with, your dad. Bake his favourite sweet treat or have a look online for some great recipes. Decorate with some delicious icing and enjoy for afternoon tea.

Another great cooking idea is to create a personalis­ed menu for the day. The kids could write it out the night before and help with the cooking throughout the day. Brekkie in bed, picnic in the backyard, and favourite meal for dinner!

Get crafty

Homemade cards always add a nice touch to Father’s Day celebratio­ns.

There are plenty of online tutorials to create all kinds of easy pop-up and origami cards for children that are a bit different to the basic design.

Go camping in the backyard

Practise camping at home. Set up the tent in the backyard and take everything you need outside.

Try not to enter the house (only for essential needs). Cook all your meals outside. It may feel like a chore, but could end up being a Father's Day to remember.

 ??  ?? Something different: Why not camp in your own backyard with dad.
Something different: Why not camp in your own backyard with dad.

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