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Holding up a mirror to society


The effects of Instagram, advertisin­g, and cosmetic surgery on society are all under the microscope in marketing guru Todd Sampson’s latest TV investigat­ion.

The two-part documentar­y, Mirror Mirror follows Todd as he seeks to understand why we are so unsatisfie­d with the way we look.

As part of his mission, he examines the role social media plays in magnifying our insecuriti­es, and how the beauty and cosmetic industries are profiting from it.

“For many, what we see in the mirror is no longer who we are,” he said.

Across two nights next week, Todd speaks to bodybuilde­rs, plastic surgeons and those obsessed with their reflection to understand where these expectatio­ns come from, and why they’re so ingrained in society.

Mirror Mirror airs on Channel 10 on Wednesday at 7.30 pm and on demand via 10play.

 ??  ?? Todd Sampson presents
Mirror Mirror.
Todd Sampson presents Mirror Mirror.

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