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Jabs just the ticket


It is clear to Oddie, and hopefully everyone else, that being vaccinated is going to be the passport to happiness.

Concerts, festivals and sporting events will be the domain of the double jabbed, so it was no surprise to see one of the Goulburn Valley’s most prominent gig organisers promoting vaccinatio­n.

Jamie Lea emerged from the McIntosh Centre thankful to the “amazing team” of “superstars!!!” doing the vaccinatin­g.

“All I keep thinking about is being back on site, at an event . . . seeing the faces of the humans as they walk in, as the first band starts to play . . . I can’t wait!!!” Jamie posted.

Hear, hear. Oddie can’t wait either for Secret Garden Gigs and another quarry gathering at Dookie.

We are almost there

One thing is certain: Greater Shepparton has set the gold standard for dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks, and we’ve done it twice.

Not even Delta was a match for a community that can pull together, abide by the rules, support each other and then emerge better than it was before.

Oddie watched the Zoom with Prime Minister Scott Morrison with about 350 people on YouTube and it was clear he was impressed, but not surprised by our resilience and community spirit.

Others are noticing too

When word spreads about Shepparton, it can be derogatory.

So it was pleasing that we were being recognised as the great community we are.

Here’s a few examples from Twitter:

GeeWhizzOx­ley: “It’s thanks to the heroic efforts of Shepp that the rest of regional Vic can have restrictio­ns eased. They are bloody legends. I am so proud of them. Have told my fam there to let all of their friends know that the rest of reg Vic thanks them.”

Jaala Pulford MP: “Shepp to join soon we hope. Hats off to Shepparton for their amazing efforts in grinding their recent outbreak into the ground.”

@loulouleei­sme: “Shepparton is on the verge of having shut down Delta. Can we beat it? Yes we can. Go Victoria! Now the regions are coming out of lockdown.”

Oops, we married again

One line in the new restrictio­ns for the rest of regional Victoria caught Oddie’s eye.

“Twenty mourners will be allowed at funerals, and 10 at weddings.”

Especially if you think they are marrying the wrong person.

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 ??  ?? Applause: Jamie Lea is well on her way to being able to organise and attend music gigs. Oddie hopes she sings too.
Applause: Jamie Lea is well on her way to being able to organise and attend music gigs. Oddie hopes she sings too.

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