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Is your child okay? Take note

- By Caitlyn Grant

You’d think it’s simple to know how your child is going, you see them 24/7, ferry them around like a personal chauffeur and they grunt three words at you and call it a day.

You know them like the back of your hand, right?

When it comes to teenagers in particular, it’s easy to dismiss emotions as a phase or raging hormones taking control, but there are distinct signs that can tell you otherwise.

If you notice your child is becoming withdrawn from family and friends, or the activities they usually love, give them a nudge, a bowl of ice-cream and do the hard-yards

ask, R U OK?

A slamming door here and there? Fine, we can probably just put that one down to teenage behaviour, but when they become easily upset, angry or emotional with the people they care about, it’s time to consider whether further support may be needed.

It’s the little things that can add up.

If something doesn’t feel quite right, trust your instincts and give them the time to have a meaningful conversati­on.

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