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Respond to climate emergency

- Michael Molloy Shepparton

I note that Prime Minister Scott Morrison took time out of his busy schedule to catch up with some of our civic leaders, to offer support and congratula­tions to the people of the Goulburn Valley for our hard work in getting on top of the current local COVID-19 outbreak.

Such support and interest from the federal level is appreciate­d and local member Damian Drum has done well to arrange it.

I would, therefore, encourage Mr Drum to further prevail on the Prime Minister to take positive action on the looming threat outlined in the recent sixth IPCC report.

Its unequivoca­l findings that: ‘‘Global surface temperatur­e has warmed faster since 1970 than in any other 50-year period over at least the past 2000 years . . . ’’ and that even with action soon, ‘‘Earth’s surface temperatur­e will continue to increase until at least 2050 . . . ’’ with a possible increase exceeding the 1.5aˆ„ƒ warming limit by the early 2030s.

The evidence is in.

The need for a change in Australia’s energy policies is urgent.

Australia cannot continue to be a world outlier in its adoption of such policies.

Some of the members of Mr Drum’s party, the Nationals, are among the most strident of climate action resisters.

There are also resisters in the Liberal Party.

It is time for Mr Drum to truly represent his electorate and the children and grandchild­ren of the voters and do all in his power to change the direction of the government for the better.

His electors will thank him.

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