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I’m wishin’ for some fishin’


Already I feel my luck changing for the better with lockdown being lifted in regional Victoria, and soon the Goulburn Valley. That means I can travel to some fishing spots that have been going gangbuster­s.

Places like Eildon, Dartmouth, the upper Goulburn and more — I can’t wait.

That said, some close-tohome spots have filled the bill with an opportunit­y to wet the line and occasional­ly land a fish.

Just near home is a stretch of the Goulburn that has yielded some juvenile cod and yellowbell­y and carp, fortunatel­y not too many of the latter.

Also close to home is Victoria Park Lake, right in the heart of Shepparton. It has been stocked in the past with trout and cod and I believe the pelicans would not have snaffled all the fish, so there would still be some left for anglers. According to Steve Threlfall from Trelly’s Fishing and Hunting, there is a tagged cod still roaming the waters of the lake and it is worth a lot of money to the lucky angler who lands it, just as the Shepparton angler who caught a similarly tagged fish in the Goulburn near Mooroopna not so long ago.

We also have several creeks and rivers close by, providing more access to fishing. For example, there is the Broken River, Honeysuckl­e Creek, the Sevens Creek — all just smaller versions of the Goulburn — and while the fishing holes are further apart, they can on their day produce some good fishing. There is no secret to how to fish. Just the same as in the Goulburn: with bait, lures and spinner baits. In most cases the banks are not as steep as the Goulburn either.

Sometimes forgotten waterways are the irrigation channels also close by, and apart from fences and gates they are easy to get to.

Mind you, all of this is going to be redundant unless the lockdown restrictio­ns are lifted in the Goulburn Valley region next week, as they have been in other parts of the state. I am hoping that this will be the case.

We were getting such good reports from all the fishing around the northeast and our district.

Dartmouth in particular, with the spring fishing providing anglers with good hauls of trout, mainly brown trout, but some rainbows were among them.

Most anglers were trawling from boats, using worms or mud-eye or even a lure trailed behind a Ford fender.

But if you don’t have a boat, casting from the bank is a method I have had some success with. You might even use a f loat and relax in the shade of a tree while you wait for the fish to come to you.

You might have gathered that I am rather fond of going to Dartmouth.

Eildon was also fishing well as it continues to rise with the spring rains. The good thing with Eildon is the variety of fish you can catch there.

For starters, there is trout, redfin, yellowbell­y and of course cod. There is no closed season for cod in Eildon.

The fish are not considered a breeding stock so you may keep any cod you catch there as long as it complies with size and bag limits.

So with good weather and fair winds, we may get released from lockdown next week and all these fishing options and more will reopen for us.

Speaking of options, I have not mentioned saltwater fishing and Rod Lawn has been busy contacting all his regional friends about the fishing at his neck of the woods.

Rod runs Adamas Fishing Charters at Queensclif­f and he said it was looking good for a bumper snapper season this year.

The pro fishers say that they are starting to see bigger fish among their catches and they are starting to move up the bay. Reports from Saint Leonards and Mornington are putting snapper that far north of the heads. All things being equal, the fishing should be good.

Finally, I must mention COVID-19. Even with the double jab you still need to keep doing all the safe things: mask wearing, distancing, sanitising and getting tested at the first signs of symptoms. It might just be spring fever or it just might be worst. Stay safe and good fishing.

 ??  ?? Sevens can be a 10 out of 10: The Sevens Creek can produce some good fishing, according to columnist Kevin Tyler.
Sevens can be a 10 out of 10: The Sevens Creek can produce some good fishing, according to columnist Kevin Tyler.
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