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A sign of the times


This time of year our photograph­ers are usually out and about covering events.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing but, alas, a Google search for events in the region on the weekend only suggested the release of a couple of shopping catalogues.

Oddie loves a bargain, but this was hardly riveting entertainm­ent.

Dishlicker­s back

Oddie was thrilled to see a meeting listed for Shepparton Greyhounds on Monday night, the first meeting since the COVID-19 testing site was dismantled last week.

Oddie couldn’t find a moral to back like Pandemic Prince or Outbreak Over so the hardearned went on Joyous Sensation at 17/1 in the last.

No good thing, yet

With the car park now able to take cars (and horse floats) the trots should soon be making a return to Shepparton.

Oddie checked, but the meeting on Thursday night is shifted to Kilmore. Seems they won’t be running around while Greater Shepparton remains under stage 4 restrictio­ns.

Fun at the lake

Oddie is informed that the weekend by the lake in Shepparton went off. Free from isolation but still not free from lockdown, people flocked to ‘‘exercise’’ at the lake and the skate park was bedlam.

Most were doing the right thing and still wearing masks and social distancing but it was clear people needed a breath of fresh air after a tough few weeks.

 ??  ?? Search on: Google’s idea of current events at the weekend in Shepparton.
Search on: Google’s idea of current events at the weekend in Shepparton.
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