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Footy fever is spreading everywhere

- TOWN TALK Marnie with

Hello, welcome back.

It’s Tuesday, in case you are wondering; in case today feels like last Saturday or the Wednesday before that.

There is an occasional game of footy, which seems to indicate the weekend — but it’s a long way away and the Tigers aren’t playing, so who cares! (Okay! ’Tis but a jest.) We are Victorians and there are two Victorian teams in the AFL Grand Final, with Melbourne the sentimenta­l favourite.

It mightn’t be good news for the ‘federation’ that is the AFL — but it’s good news for us. And, it seems as if King McGowan is treating his visitors with a little more kindness than Prince Marshall. (Last I heard, the Bulldogs had been tested 11 times in 14 days — and they still had to stay in their rooms.) Personally, I’ll be barracking for Melbourne — largely because of a dear friend of mine, who is no longer with us. How he would have loved Melbourne’s demolition of Geelong.

However, in reference to my jest, there are many Richmond supporters in our part of the world and I reckon that’s due to Tom Hafey — who coached Shepp to three premiershi­ps, worked at this newspaper, was a friend and mentor to many and, when he was appointed to coach Richmond, turned quite a few of us into members of the Tiger Army. Certainly, the fourth generation of my family is, if anything, more fanatical than the first (who were friends of Tom and Maureen through the footy club).

Now — back to where I started — it is Tuesday and I’ve been wondering if we have gained — personally — from this enforced lockdown. We shared a sense of responsibi­lity, and of course we have done what needed to be done; but have there been any personal rewards? For example, have you finished a job you’ve been wanting to do for months? Have you been through every cupboard or washed every window?

Have you found a new hobby that time would not have permitted without this virus? Have you rediscover­ed a piece of music that you used to love — and now can’t stop playing?

Or are you just getting through the days, like a robot — waiting for freedom?

To be truthful, most of my feedback indicates the latter. One of my newfound friends said that she hasn’t worn earrings for a fortnight and her hair is a strange blend of colours — waiting for the hairdresse­r. Another writes that she is not motivated to do anything and is just managing the essentials to make sure there is food on the table — and clean clothes in the drawers.

A couple of people are trying my ‘white soup’ recipe — and I’m a bit nervous about that. To be honest, if you offered me big money, I couldn’t find a recipe in this house — everything is in the jangled mess that is my head. I’ve done my best with the soup recipe but my fingers remain crossed.

However, if you have gained anything from our recent experience­s — in addition to a sense of pride and achievemen­t — let us all know, please. Be nice and share it — or not!

Whether we are at the end of a long road — or if there is something more to come — it seems an appropriat­e time for a few verses of Henley’s Invictus.

Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquera­ble soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstan­ce I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonin­gs of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed.

It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishment­s the scroll,

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul. What do you reckon? Does it suit where you are right now?

Under the clock September 4, 1924

A Desired Shepparton Lake — The suggestion is by no means new that efforts should be made to create an artificial ‘lake’ in

Shepparton. The idea has been mooted on former occasions and there are those who are disposed to continue the agitation till their aspiration is certain of being realised.

The site of the area is known as the game sanctuary at the southern end of Welsford Street.

According to those who should be well qualified to express an opinion, a bank could be constructe­d on the river side of the reserve at a comparativ­ely small expense which would impound the water.

In addition to this all that would be necessary would be to clear the area of the trees now standing within it. Doubtless these could be disposed of to profit, or in any case arrangemen­ts could be made to have them removed as a gift to the fellers. What a boon such a place of beauty would be to the town and district.

It could be utilised as is the Ballarat lake for small craft and no end of enjoyment could be derived by that means. Some idea of the considerab­le expanse of the lake was afforded by the flood which inundated the land and practicall­y filled it to about the level that it would appear when the hoped-for lake is made.

My comment: Every time I use an Under the Clock segment, I am reminded of the following — ‘My three favourite things — eating my children and not using commas’.

From the Town Square

The streets have been heartbreak­ingly quiet but, hopefully, we will soon be complainin­g about parking — and the 3 pm traffic. Can I please make an often-repeated plea for our local businesses?

I recently heard many businesses have closed permanentl­y in just three Melbourne streets — Lygon St, Chapel St and Bridge Rd. I was adding them up as I listened and I think it totalled around 280 — in just three streets! And I’ve been wondering how our beautiful capital will ever recover; how many people will be prepared to invest in retail now — or in the near future? What happens to boarded-up, unwanted premises? And to the people who made a living there?

Please, we must do anything and everything we can to support local businesses in our city.

That’s all for now. I was going to tell you a time-travel joke — but you didn’t get it.

May it be easy, my friends.

— Marnie


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 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Big score: Tom Hafey turned quite a few of Shepparton’s residents into members of the Tiger Army.
Big score: Tom Hafey turned quite a few of Shepparton’s residents into members of the Tiger Army.
 ??  ?? History: Clearing the bed for Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton, in 1929.
History: Clearing the bed for Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton, in 1929.

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