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Only way to the pub


The Royal Mail Hotel in Mooroopna has a way with words and that.

Oddie agrees entirely with the sentiment, it is the only way out of the pandemic.

The Royal could have put it a slightly different way. In the short term, it is also the ‘‘only way in’’ to the pub to enjoy a nice cold refreshing . . . oh dear, it has been a long time between drinks.

Another way is out to play

Unless the rules change before Greater Shepparton gets out of the current lockdown, there is a way to double your chances of sitting down with friends for a quiet one.

Head to the nearest pub with a beer garden where you can get a maximum of 20 people.

The real question is whether any pubs will open, indoor and outdoor, for just 30 people.

Oddie can only hope.

Just one drink officer

Of course, Oddie encourages all things in moderation, lest you end up like Mr Morten Butters did in 1943.

Seems one of the constables on night duty was standing at the door of the watchhouse having a smoke when Butters strode up and asked, ‘‘What sort of building is this that would be so dark?’’

The officer politely explained that the light was fused.

Butters ran to the kerb, prancing about on the footpath and shouting obscenitie­s.

Butters was placed in the cells and proceeded to throw all the toys out of his new cot while continuing his ‘‘invective’’ against police.

Seems Butters had gone to bail out a friend but didn’t think the officer was senior enough.

‘‘I am talking to the butcher not the block,’’ was one of his putdowns.

A £3 fine or 14 days in jail was a hefty price to pay for what Butters swore was one drink.

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? A vaccinatio­n (an that): The sign out the front of the Royal Mail Hotel in Mooroopna.
A vaccinatio­n (an that): The sign out the front of the Royal Mail Hotel in Mooroopna.

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