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- By Zac Standish

Mulwala Football Netball Club has announced a revamped threeprong­ed coaching unit, with stalwarts Rohan Davies, Jackson Gash and Bodhi Butts taking over the reins at the Lions next year.

Three of Mulwala’s most accomplish­ed players in recent times, the new set-up will have Butts and Gash continue to be key contributo­rs on the field as playing coaches — while Davies will lead the team from the sidelines.

With injuries only allowing Davies to chalk up four senior games this season, he said he was thrilled to be able to begin a new chapter as a senior coach.

“I am rapt (to be the new senior coach) Mulwala is a great club that has a great following and great people involved,” Davies said.

“I was really set on taking up a senior coaching role for next year and after speaking to a few clubs it became clear I really didn’t want to leave Mulwala and the fact that they have offered me the role that they have I could not be happier.”

A football career that has taken him right across Victoria, Davies is best known for winning multiple Northern Football League bestand-fairests and leading Mernda to a division three premiershi­p in 2012.

Taking more of an interest in coaching in recent years with roles at University FC and CorowaRuth­erglen, he decided the time was right to give playing away and focus solely on being a senior coach.

“I came up to Mulwala as a player with aspiration­s of moving into senior coaching and it was probably going to be in that playing role, but I found over the last couple of years with footy being a bit stop-start my body hasn’t been able to hold up,” he said.

“Being a playing coach you have to be performing on the field otherwise everything else falls away, so with that in mind I approached the club and said I am committed to being a non-playing coach and I feel I will get the best out of myself and the group if my full focus was on the coaching side of things and I am very happy with that decision.”

Forming part of what is a unique coaching set-up alongside Gash and Butts, Davies said he was excited to see what the trio could produce next year and beyond.

“I couldn’t be happier to be coaching alongside Jackson and Bodhi, not only are they great guys, but they are also two of the best players in the league, so to be able to work with them as a co-coach is unreal,” he said.

“Having played under them as assistant coaches this year, they really drive the standards for our group which transforms into them playing great footy — so as far us all coming together and coaching, me going into this off-field role allows them to still focus on their own games on match day.

“I am very confident in how this set-up is going to work and feel that we all offer something different which is really exciting for the club and what is coming next.”

After finishing third on the Murray Football League ladder with a record of 10-3, he said this year produced a large amount of positives the club could use to springboar­d into a successful season next year.

“Obviously the end of the year was frustratin­g for everyone, but the positives for us were we had a few games where we produced a style of footy that is so hard for an opposition to play against, we had some bad games as well, but when we put it all together we really were unstoppabl­e and it gave the guys a really good look into where we can get to as I side if we bring that consistenc­y,” he said.

“During the pre-season what I really want to drill into the guys is that our training and preparatio­n standards need to be elite, so that by the time the season comes around we are going to be a really hard side to play against and if a team is going to beat us they need to be at the absolute top of their game.”

 ??  ?? It bodes well: Bodhi Butts will form part of Mulwala’s new-look coaching unit with Rohan Davies and Jackson Gash.
It bodes well: Bodhi Butts will form part of Mulwala’s new-look coaching unit with Rohan Davies and Jackson Gash.

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