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Regional low-cost air travel? Bonza idea

- DARREN LINTON ● Darren Linton is chief correspond­ent at McPherson Media Group.

One of the joys of living in London is the ease of travel.

Europe is on your doorstep, by car, by train and by plane.

Canny travellers can get anywhere fast, and if prepared to go the extra miles or somewhere different, you can also do it on the cheap.

In Australia, budget airlines have a chequered history, and plenty of travellers can tell you of their flight cancellati­ons, long delays and oversized or overweight luggage.

Bonza (great name) is an airline that has announced it will enter the market in 2022, which is good news as long as we can get all the states to open their borders.

Bonza hasn't announced any routes yet, but industry talk is that it will bring the Ryanair model to Australia.

Ryanair can be a bit of a running joke in the UK, but nicely.

In the UK, if you want to fly from a major city to another major European city ready to do business, then you don’t take Ryanair.

For a start, you have to get to Stansted Airport, which is in Essex, 67 km from central London. Getting there requires a couple of Tube trains, an overland shuttle train, and a merrygo-round of travellato­rs.

At the other end of the flight, you discover another out-of-the-way airport that requires a cut lunch and a compass to find the heart of the city you landed near.

None of this is conducive to work; Ryanair exists for people with time and a sense of adventure.

Why fly from London to Rome when you can go straight to Pisa. Why not swap Paris for Perpignan, the southern French city near the Mediterran­ean coast and the border with Spain.

Ryanair offers travellers the chance to go to places you hadn't thought of — directly and on the cheap.

So, where will Bonza fly to and from?

It has indicated it will f ly a lot more people from regional cities, and industry insiders have speculated that Dubbo to Launceston, Adelaide to Broome, or Perth to Byron Bay would fit the bill.

There are endless possibilit­ies, and Bonza has initially sent expression­s of interest to 46 airports.

We are likely to have to drive to another city to catch a flight, but we already do that anyway. On face value, this is a Bonza idea.

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 ?? ?? You beauty! Bonza will be in the air in early 2022.
You beauty! Bonza will be in the air in early 2022.

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