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City gets investor nod


- By Rosa Ritchie

Greater Shepparton has caught the eye of a top property analyst, who argues the local government area is a particular­ly exciting prospect for investors, given its location, affordabil­ity and industry.

Specialist researcher and writer on Australian residentia­l property Terry Ryder says Shepparton will benefit from a dominant trend that’s seeing buyers leave cities behind for a lower mortgage and better lifestyle in regional areas.

“Shepparton, I think, is particular­ly appealing and has very strong growth prospects,” he said.

“Residentia­l properties are cheap and vacancies are low, providing good opportunit­ies for investors.

“Shepparton is also about to become the heart of a major renewable energy zone, as the Victorian Government strives towards clean energy. A plethora of proposed solar farms is boosting job prospects for a growing population.”

Mr Ryder, who has four decades of experience in the field, recently completed a major analysis of property markets across Australia to determine which markets across capital cities and regional areas were most likely to show strong price growth in the future.

The top three markets to emerge from that data were all regional areas.

“I can’t say that I’m surprised with that outcome,” Mr Ryder said.

“Of the many different forces feeding the nationwide property boom that’s currently sweeping the nation, I have no doubt that the biggest of them all is a trend that I call the ‘exodus to affordable lifestyle’.”

According to Mr Ryder, advanced technology, remote work and the desire to find a better lifestyle at an affordable price have enabled the exodus for years.

“It’s been turbo-charged, however, by the pandemic, and now more and more Australian­s are looking for hill-change or seachange enclaves,” he said.

In an October report for hotspottin­ Mr Ryder identified Shepparton as one of his top 10 locations that he expected to benefit significan­tly from migration to the regions.

He pointed to the fact Shepparton’s industry revolved around dairying, fruit growing, cattle, sheep and manufactur­ing.

“All this primary produce is exported to internatio­nal markets and therein lies the clue to Shepparton’s future — transport,” he said.

“Strategica­lly located on the intersecti­on of the Midland and Goulburn Valley highways, both road and rail access easily links to Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane and export markets.

“Around two billion dollars is currently being spent on road and rail upgrades while a major freight logistics centre is under constructi­on, delivering improvemen­ts for both passenger and freight transport.”

Toowoomba, Orange and Warrnamboo­l were three more regional cities regarded favourably in Mr Ryder’s research.

Mr Ryder said regional properties offered investors “more bang for their property buck”.

“Property owners can sell up in a capital city and buy something of the same standard in a regional or lifestyle area for half the price — and either significan­tly reduce their mortgage or find themselves mortgage-free, with money left over,” he said.

“That’s a very appealing propositio­n, particular­ly for young people starting out who are looking for a realistic way to enter the property market.

“The more the government pours money into improving transport connection­s to regional towns, the more this trend will take hold and the big infrastruc­ture spend evident in the federal budget provides evidence that there is plenty more of this to come.”

 ?? ?? Eyeing off Shepparton: Specialist researcher Terry Ryder says Shepparton is one of the 10 best cities in Australia for property investment.
Eyeing off Shepparton: Specialist researcher Terry Ryder says Shepparton is one of the 10 best cities in Australia for property investment.

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