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Record NZ virus count


WELLINGTON: New Zealand has hit triple-digit COVID-19 cases for the first time, reporting 102 new community cases.

The milestone on Thursday came paired with a new high-water mark for hospitalis­ations of 46.

The outbreak remains centred on Auckland, with 94 new cases and eight further cases in the neighbouri­ng Waikato region.

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson acknowledg­ed the news would be tough to take for many Kiwis, particular­ly in lockeddown Auckland.

‘‘The ups and downs can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster,’’ he said.

‘‘We can expect to see case numbers rise.’’ The rolling seven-day average is 68 — the highest figure of the Delta outbreak.

Increased home isolation for Kiwis with COVID-19 is expected to be one of many measures unveiled on Friday when the government reveals its new reopening framework.

Auckland and much of the Waikato remain in lockdown.

Two-thirds of Kiwis are fully vaccinated.

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