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Collision kills 19


CAIRO: At least 19 people have been killed in a major traffic accident in Cairo.

A truck crossed into the oncoming lane of a highway and collided with a minibus, according to state news website Al-Ahram on Wednesday.

The driver of the minibus and most of the passengers were killed instantly, the report said.

The public prosecutor’s office announced it will investigat­e the accident.

It was the second deadly traffic accident to occur on the city’s ring road within the space of a few days.

Two days ago, a truck collided with a bus there, killing two people and injuring eight.

The ring road encircles the Egyptian capital and is one of the city’s most important motorways.

There are numerous traffic accidents in Egypt, with some serious, that researcher­s attribute to human error as well as vehicle defects.

Many drivers don’t wear seatbelts, or travel without motorcycle helmets. Meanwhile there is little enforcemen­t of driving regulation­s.

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