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Cameron Waters’ Guided Tour of Winton

Cameron Waters has been one of Ford’s form drivers in the Repco Supercars Championsh­ip for several seasons. His Tickford Racing squad tests at Winton, so it is a venue he knows well.


Welcome aboard my Monster Energy Racing Tickford Mustang for a lap around Winton Raceway! I’m really looking forward to racing at my home track for the first time since 2019.

Since last time we raced at Winton, the kerbs at Turns 3 and 4 have been re-done – they’re a lot faster.

Since Winton was resurfaced back in 2016, the tyre degradatio­n has been quite low but this year we’ll be racing on the super-soft tyre, so we’ll have to think carefully about how we manage our tyres throughout the weekend.


Into Turn 1, you’re on the limiter in fifth gear and if you’re feeling brave, you can pull sixth. You brake at the hump and shift back to third gear. You use the kerb at Turn 1 but it can upset the car a bit, depending on how you hit it, so you need to make sure the car has good compliance over it.

You want to let the car flow wide out of Turn 2 and use the ripple strip on the exit to keep your momentum up.


You just kiss the limiter in fourth gear if you’re on a good lap, before you brake for Turn 3. You shift back to third, turn in and, with the kerbs being re-done, you carry a lot more corner speed than before. You use all the exit kerb and turn into Turn 4, using all of the kerb. Turn 4 is probably 0.3-0.4s quicker than it used to be.


You shift up to fourth and hit the limiter as you head up to Turn 5, the “sweeper” and usually you have a bit of understeer – you don’t want to rush it too much, or you’ll push wide and fall off the track. You want to stay to the left after the sweeper, prior to Turn 6, which is a little right-hand kick-back which you want to hit square.

TURNS 7, 8 AND 9

Turn 7 is very tricky for braking, because you’re trying to turn the car as well as stop the car. You can lose the rear or lock a front brake if the car is sliding. The key is to slow the car and turn it as well as you can. After you’ve made it around Turn 7, you beeline it for Turn 8, hugging the kerb and then the same for Turn 9. Usually the cars don’t like turning much at Turn 9, because it’s such a tight corner, so that’s one of the corners we focus on in practice.


Turn 10 is pretty straightfo­rward – you approach it on the rev-limiter in fourth and shift back to second. It’s a basic 90-degree corner and an overtaking opportunit­y.


You approach Turn 11 in fifth gear and it’s another passing opportunit­y – you can lunge down the inside. The braking zone is quite bumpy. It’s a very short run to Turn 12, so you have a small dab of the brake to get the weight over the front wheels, turn in and focus on getting on the throttle nice and early for the run to the finish line.

That’s a hot lap of Winton!

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