Simply Crochet - - ELEPHANT HEAD -

Em­bel­lish­ments like beads and se­quins are a great, easy way to add real wow fac­tor to your cro­chet, as you can see from Vanessa’s ele­phant. These small, sparkly shapes of cre­ativ­ity have been used as a method of dec­o­ra­tion for hun­dreds (if not thou­sands) of years, and we’re not stop­ping any time soon.

You can, of course, sew on beads and se­quins of all de­scrip­tions to your cro­chet, but here we’ll ex­plore how to add them as part and par­cel of your cro­chet stitches. On page 17 we show you how to get started by thread­ing your se­quins onto your yarn, and the same prin­ci­ples will ap­ply to adding beads, too. Turn to page 11 for some help on work­ing a beaded dou­ble cro­chet; again, the same meth­ods are in­ter­change­able for beads and se­quins, and so will also ap­ply to adding se­quins on the head­dress of your ele­phant.

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